Treasurer George Usher

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Treasurer - George Usher

George Usher has served as Chairman of the Board of Polydex Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded company, since January 1998, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company since 1993 and 1996 respectively and Vice President of Dextran Products Limited, a subsidiary of the company, since 1987. He has knowledge of the requirements of publicly trading company governance and accounting and reporting standards.

His karate career started in 1995 obtaining his first black belt in 2007, his second in 2012 and is currently attempting his third. He started coaching at Brad Jones Karate in 2000 and continues to this date. His responsibilities include coaching, arranging training schedules and administering the team account with an average annual budget of between $650 and $18,000 depending on events attended.  He is also NCCP Certified Level II and is in the process of completing the Competitive Development Module.